Pinus ponderosa

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Pinus ponderosa - Ponderosa Pine
Common name: Ponderosa Pine
Family: Pinaceae
Distribution: Western USA & SW Canada
IUCN Red list: Least concern
Hardiness: Zone 6a -10 to -5 F
Life form: Evergreen conifer
Usage: Timber
Comments: A large tree common through out the western states. typically thought of as a eastern Oregon tree, though a strain of P. ponderosa is adapted to the Willamette Valley. 200 ft tall trees occur with orangish bark and dark green needles in fascicles of 3 often 10 inches long. The cone has a raised umbo with a prickle. Trees look similar to the Jeffery pine, the saying prickly Ponderosa and gentle Jeffery refers to the feel of the closed cone in hand and is one way to tell the species apart. Look for a cone on the ground and check out the prickle on each bract of the cone.


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