Ginkgo biloba

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Ginkgo biloba - maidenhair tree
Common name: maidenhair tree
Family: Ginkgoaceae
Distribution: China & Japan
Hardiness: Zone 3a -40 to -35 F
Life form: Deciduous conifer
Usage: Ornamental
Comments: A distinct and striking leaf that turns a golden yellow in the fall. The leaf is bi-lobed hence the epithet biloba, while the genus comes from Japanese gin kyo meaning apricot.
Ginkgo is a living fossil, its leaves can be found in the fossil record as far back as 270 million years.
This tree is a deciduous Gymnosperm ( Conifer) which can reach 100ft tall, individual trees can live for over 1000 years. The trees are dioecious, meaning there are male and female trees. The female trees produce fruit which is known for its health benfits but has a disagreeable odor, for this reason most ornamental and street tree plantings of ginkgo are of male trees.


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