Quercus garryana

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Quercus garryana - Oregon white oak, garry oak
Common name: Oregon white oak, garry oak
Family: Fagaceae
Distribution: Pacific Northwest America
Habitat: Oak savannah, mixed forest, occuring up to 2200m
IUCN Red list: Least concern
Hardiness: Zone 6a -10 to -5 F
Life form: Deciduous tree
Usage: Ornamental shade tree
Comments: Oregon white oak is a deciduous tree, 40-90’, broad spreading, rounded crown, rugged, heavy ascending, crooked branches, often shrubby when young (less than 25 years). Leaves alternate, simple, 5-15 cm long, dark green, round lobed, autumn color is saddle brown, occasionally tinted gold or dull red. Fruit (acorn) with a short stalk or sessile, ovate, smooth, 2.5.-3 cm long, apex rounded, mucronate (small, sharp point), about 1/3 enclosed by the shallow cup; ripens the first year.
Best grown in full sun to part shade, likes dry soil in summer, deep tap root, summer watering can cause root rot, therefore not suitable in an irrigated lawn.
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